The pig complex was engineered to fulfill the modern requirements for production efficiency and veterinary safety and is designed for 2100 breeding stock and raising 50,000 pigs annually. According to foreign experts, the complex is not inferior to modern foreign sites, and in some respects surpasses pig farms of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of the competitive advantages is in attracting international experienced experts. We invite for consultation the best veterinarians and specialists in breeding and fattening pigs from the Russian Federation, Germany, countries-world leaders in pig breeding. The introduction of world best practices at our sites will allow us to achieve high production performance. Another important aspect is the strict observance of the rules of veterinary safety. All details have been thought out - from the location of pig farms taking into account the predominant wind direction in the region to the presence of disinfection barriers on the roads leading to our complexes. Access to animals is strictly limited, employees are required to take a shower and change into disinfected overalls before entering and leaving the complex. Employees are not allowed to keep pigs in the yard farm.

Since production was started from scratch, in order to ensure the reproduction of high-quality animals, boars were purchased from Germany, and breeding stock from the Russian Federation. Purebred pigs of Yorkshire, Landrace breeds, and breeding hybrid F1 are being bred.